SAP Workflow Applications

Unlock efficiency with automated workflows

Design, deploy, and automate SAP processes using web forms and Excel.

The simple solution for accelerating your business’ SAP processes.

Deploy for success

Winshuttle allows non-developers to create and deploy custom workflows for SAP processes from an intuitive, browser-based environment.

Reduce and reuse

Cut down time spent in manual SAP processes by utilizing replicable workflows and managing performance from out-of-the-box dashboards.

Own the big picture

Run parallel and serial workflows for multiple contributors across your entire organization, automating critical data processes end to end.

Automate, integrate, validate.

The pace of business today requires streamlined processes and uncompromising quality. Keep up with demand by using Winshuttle Foundation to rapidly develop solutions for data collection, reduce cycle times and finish your workflow tasks faster than ever.

With Foundation, you can automate complex SAP-based processes that validate data at point of entry, and continue to ensure data quality and compliance within optimized workflows. Users can work with familiar tools, while IT can easily ensure standards and governance across the entire enterprise.

See results faster—and maximize your investment sooner—with Winshuttle Foundation’s workflow applications.

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Workflow Applications

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