Budget to Report

Improve the efficiency of SAP budget-to-report processes

Winshuttle Query and Transaction enable business users to measure business effectiveness more efficiently and reduce administrative overhead while improving the SAP budget-to-report process across all divisions and functions. For example, financial analysts can use Query to easily create queries for generating accounts payable reports that list vendor, checks issued, check amounts, and check dates. These queries extract live SAP data directly into Excel for easier consumption by decision-makers and can facilitate faster and more accurate data analysis for both financial planning and reporting.

An easy-to-understand SAP data dictionary and simple drag-and-drop procedures enable users to quickly create queries for virtually any cross-section of SAP budget-to-report data, including:

  • Budget figures
  • Cost centers
  • Allocations
  • Fixed assets
  • Bank/cash management

If users need to update data, they can use Transaction to quickly make changes to one or many data points in Excel’s familiar and more usable interface, and then upload the data directly from Excel to SAP.

Ensure data security and infrastructure stability

Query and Transaction comply with all SAP security and company-specific governance and security policies — only authorized users may extract and update SAP data. Additionally, Query uses patent-pending Adaptive Query Throttling technology to optimize query execution based on the current load on the SAP system.

Use Winshuttle technologies to achieve faster and more accurate financial
planning and reporting

  • Winshuttle Designer helps to reduce financial budget data-entry errors and reduce the time required to enter mass financial postings
  • Transaction enables financial analysts to easily create streamlined SAP budget-to-report processes without programming expertise, which helps companies avoid expensive investments in BASIS, ABAP, and workflow-based solutions that often require significant IT support
  • Winshuttle technologies use familiar user interfaces that finance teams can learn to use quickly with little training
  • Transaction improves SAP budget-to-report data quality management by streamlining financial report data entry and enhancing mass data maintenance with transactions such as Entering Incoming Invoices (FB60) and Enter Vendor Invoice (F-43).